The vice chancellor, Obafemi Awolowo University, is a professor of preventive and community dentistry. He tells FEMI MAKINDE in an interview what the university is doing to streamlined the pandemic COVID-19 and to provide prophylactic to the ailing health of the world.

Is there any hope of providing cure to the virus??

There is what we called (herd immunity) which helps human to create bulwark against any disease, therefore we hope that time will help contain the virus till our immune system mutate to resist the novel coronavirus ravaging the world.

The first attack of any new virus is always vicious and disastrous but after some while the disease will become less severe. Time is the best vaccine we can depend on. The easiest prophylactic now is vaccine,when the vaccine is used, it will create antibodies that help develop resistant thereby making the body less vulnerable to attack. The vaccination is first tested in Animals after then to human before it is distributed to the population and then to the rest of the world. This will take nothing less than six month

Is the institution also engaged in providing vaccine to the virus as instructed by the World Health organization (WHO)?

No, we are not working towards that direction now, what we have been doing in OAU from time is that we have been looking at our natural product to see which of them is good against a quite number of disease. That has been in our faculty of pharmacy and we have quite a number of plant and natural herbs and product against bacteria and virus. We are working in a way to create unorthodox medicine to cure the novel coronavirus.

What do you think is hindering the innovation and partnering of Nigeria university in the medical field?

Universities are to come up with research and get patent for whatever they surmise so that the industry can take is from there. It is not the work of any university to start marketing any drugs it is even inconceivable. The University is actually working and we are making progress.

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