A renowned professor in alternative medicine and energy health, prof. Joseph Apkan has made known to the minister of health of his claim to have a cure for coronavirus through energy health curative means.

Akpan, who is a provost of foundation for energy health college of science and technology, Mgbowo, Enugu, intimidated the minister in a letter sent to him and made available to news men in Enugu on Sunday. He said that he had asked the minister and his crew to visit the institute to verify his claim of finding solution to the virus tormenting the world.

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Akpan, who is also the provost of luminaries college of alternative medicine said that he had sent an invitation to the Enugu state government to visit and see how he developed the method of treating the dreaded virus. “I will challenge any institute or agency to bring any known case of coronavirus to me and see how it will disappear within few days.

If the Governor approaches me to cure any known case I will voluntary do so without any condition attached to it,” he assured.

The expert said that he had already made energy health medicine to specifically boost the immune system and other means to directly attack the virus to ensure a 100 per cent successful cure.

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